Potential Career Paths with a Journalism Degree

A journalism degree isn’t just a useless piece of paper, no matter what you may have heard! With this type of degree, you can actually find a high-paying job in an industry you really love. If you like communications, there are a number of potential career paths you can consider with a journalism degree.

Traditional Media

Your first option with a degree in journalism is to work in a traditional print media job. This include newspaper reporting and working for a magazine if you like writing, television if you want to work on a screen show, or radio if you prefer audio media. The traditional media world isn’t dead, though jobs in this area are shrinking compared to some other sectors of the media field. Jobs are still available for analysts, reporters, and correspondents. A good way to find out if you’re interested in traditional media is to take advantage of your school’s newspaper, television, and radio programs.

New Media

The new media world is still very young, but it is perfect for journalism majors. New media professionals work on online versions of print news sources, blogs, social media sites, podcasts, and web television shows. Because new media is such a new and rapidly evolving part of the communications industry, your journalism degree might not fully prepare you to work in this field, but the good news is that the basics you learn in your journalism classes still apply. If you’re interested in new media, start educating yourself through new media educational sites, most of which offer tons of resources for free.


Journalism students can also consider a teaching career. Journalism classes are often available at high schools, but this isn’t your only teaching option. Even with just a master’s degree, you can get an adjunct professor position at a community college. If you’re willing to get a doctorate, you can also consider tenure tracks at any college out there. Keep in mind non-traditional teaching options are also out there if you want to get creative. For example, if you have a webcam, there are sites available where you can run web classes on a topic of choice, like journalism ethics or writing. You can also teach via a blog or other new media property.

Online Journalism Schools and Degrees

Southern New Hampshire University . The Southern New Hampshire University MA in Communication program studies how organizations create and connect with their public audiences. Courses including Corporate Communications, Public Relations Campaign Planning, Writing for Public Relations, Electronic Public Relations, and Public Speaking prepare graduates to enter the public relations career. Graduates work in the government, profit, and non-profit sectors.
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Full Sail University . The Full Sail New Media Journalism Master's degree merges traditional journalism with emerging new media. Graduates will be comfortable publishing multimedia content. Social media will also be explored, along with the distribution of content across the digital domain. The curriculum is forward looking, and will enable you to compete for jobs that demand a new approach to journalism.
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