About Us

Topjournalismschools.org was prepared for the benefit of journalism students by Pamela Parker in 2011. This site is a great source of consolidated data and guidance regarding the field of journalism, the various journalism courses available for students wishing to join journalism, the colleges that offer these degrees, the various options open for students after they complete their degree, etc.

The creation of this website was conceived when, while trying to locate a proper degree and college for my friend’s cousin, we noticed that the information sources for the courses, degrees, fields, etc were scattered throughout several sites. It seemed prudent to collect the information thus available, and put it in a single place so that it may act as a ready corner for those students who wish to take journalism courses. This way, a student may refer to this site, rather than looking up for portions of the information needed by him at different places one by one. This information helped the cousin to select a course that would be best for him. We hope this has similar results for other students looking for information as well.

Although it shall be our sincere effort and prime concern to keep this website up to date, we have the occasional glitch. In the event of such a fault being seen, we request our visitors to notify us through email so that we may correct it.

We can be reached at: info@topjournalismschools.org